Project Description


RB 2 Litre Pitcher                             RB 600ml

A&W (Malaysia)


A&W (Malaysia) would like clarify that we did not appoint nor allow any distributors or resellers to do so. We remain committed to serve our customer with the best service and are not affiliated wth any form of resell of our products. We can assure you that we provide a product assurance for all our products sold to serve the best to all of our customers. Our customers are able to purchase our RB bottles at any of our operating A&W outlets.  Our RB are made fresh everyday at A&W Restaurant and are not for resale. Customers are advised to consume within 24 hours upon purchase from A&W Restaurant.


1. This product is freshly brewed in the relevant A&W restaurant and/or outlet and does not contain any preservatives. Therefore, this product must be consumed within 24 hours upon purchase.

2. This product is sold exclusively in A&W restaurant and/or outlet, and is not being advertised for sale anywhere else or on any e-commerce platform. Any unauthorized resale or distribution of this product is strictly prohibited.

3. Unless otherwise authorized by A&W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, if this product has been purchased outside any A&W restaurant and/or outlet, this product shall be deemed to be counterfeit product, expired and/or no longer fit for consumption.

4. A&W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims, damages, expenses, losses, liabilities, illnesses and injuries whatsoever and howsoever arising from (a) any purchase and/or consumption of this product outside any A&W restaurant/outlet; (b) counterfeit, expired and/or unfit product; and/or (c) product which has been tampered with and/or howsoever contaminated.

5. A&W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd reserves all rights in respect of this product.